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What happens when the front falls off?

This is worth a watch.

How did the front fall off?

Old whales die of old age.

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My Head Hurts.

The title has nothing to do with the post… my head just hurts.

Why do I always want the latest cellphone or smart phone?  Admittedly I’m a BlackBerry guy but lately I’ve started to jones for the iPhone….. but then I have to reload the operating system on my home PC and I can’t get my iTunes to sync all of my music back on my iPod.  Eff!  Too Many i’s.   I am so bitter right now.

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Don’t get excited……

I’m posting but I don’t know how often this will happen.

So its been many months since I’ve posted to this blog.  Since then my domain name has expired so I’m no longer  I need a new name.

Here is what I’ve been doing.

  • I’ve continued my running, I now have 4 half marathons, a 25KM race, several other races (15km, 10km, 5 mile) under my belt.
  • Drinking wine.
  • Drinking beer.
  • Hanging out with the missus.
  • Bought a Wii and will occasionally rock it out with Rock Band.

Was on a Niagara wine tasting trip on Saturday.  Bought some good wine, some very good wine, and some wine that I believe will become excellent wine in 3-5 years.  Too many good things happened over the duration of the day but we saw a bumper sticker and it made me laugh.  My wife was not nearly as amused as I was.


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Am I back?

I don’t know…. but Gabriel from Salted Lithium seems to think I’m on a break and I might actually pick up this blog again.

I started this post on August 25, 2008.  I didn’t get far…… now its posted but there is no content.  I did fix one spelling mistake in a previous that was causing great anx for Gabriel


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Turn down the Suck! Turn Up the Good!

I love Canada but I question some of the things our country does…… it blows my mind that the Government is running ads encouraging the business community to hire an immigrant and not look down on a university degree just because its not from North America. All the while the GREAT country of CANADA is trying to deport a bright young woman, Sarah Leonty, who has excelled at every level of education here in Canada and has aspirations to work for the Canadian Government. Sarah should be considered a role model and not considered for ejection from Canada!

We have enough Canadian born citizens whom should be kicked out of the country long before we get to the part of the list where Sarah’s name should be.

Sarah has…..

  • Been a tutor
  • Prime Minister of Student Council
  • Volunteer at a women’s shelter
  • Volunteer at a food bank
  • Earned a Herb Carnegie scholarship for community leadership
  • Earned a Lieutenant-Governor’s Award
  • Earned music awards from Toronto’s Catholic School Board
  • Earned merit awards from Toronto’s Catholic School Board
  • Accepted to the “Youth in Motion – Opportunities Unlimited” program that is funded by the Government of Canada, the same Government that is trying to kick her out.

After all of that our Government want to kick her out of the country before she can even finis her degree, and even if she stays she has to pay international student fees (which are triple) because she is no longer considered a resident of Canada.

Boo Canada! Try to do the right thing here.



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Drunken Samurai

Two Toronto superstar martial artists decided….after a few cocktails…. that it would be a good idea to practice their sword work.

One dude gets stabbed and ends up with a collapsed lung.  The other dude gets charged with obstruction because he was interfering with the investigation.

they are so smart….   S – M – R – T

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